Are you looking for paper overlay panels?

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Are you looking for light plywood panels?

Are you looking for customized dimensions?

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We have 35 years of experience and are happy to offer you our  advanced

and high-quality plywood products. With our longtime customers

we established a large customer base throughout Europe - convince yourself. Our specialties:


Meranti plywood

Meranti plywood 1,8mm and 2,4mm and 2,7mm
bendable plywood 2,7mm and 3,6mm and 4,8mm

 Please find more information in our pdf-file.

Albasia lightweight panels

Economical facts for you:

Low weight: abt. 360 KG/m3
Low transportation costs: CO2 savings
Available raw material = FLEGT certified plantation wood
Panel thickness on customer request: 2,4 – 50 mm


Light Albasia plywood is the product of the future for CO2 savings.

Due to its light weight and its origin from renewable plantations Albasia plywood is

THE solution to many of your challenges.


Together with our long-term local partners we guarantee a wide

standard range as well as products tailored to your needs.

As European market leader we offer paper overlay plywood starting

from 1,8mm thickness or as core panels up to 50 mmin thickness –

Convince yourself of our established and convincing products:

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