Meranti plywood

Are you looking for plywood specialties?

We have 35 years of experience and are happy to offer you our demanding ones and high quality plywood quality products.

With our longstanding customers we have built up a Europe-wide customer base –

we are happy to count we get you to that.


Our specialties:

Meranti plywood: 1.8mm and 2.4mm and 2.7mm

Bending plywood: 2.7 mm and 3.6 mm and 4.8 mm

Door cores and door formats


Meranti plywood

Meranti plywood 1,8mm and 2,4 mm  and 2,7 mm
Bending plywood        2,7 mm and 3,6 mm and 4,8 mm

Here you find our technical datasheet as pdf-file


With our long-term local partners, we guarantee you a wide range like

standard product characteristics as well as products tailored to your needs.

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